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How to teach your pet rabbit not to gnaw on everything around itRead more

How to teach your pet rabbit not to gnaw on everything around it

Chewing is a very natural and needed behavior for rabbits -- the key is to teach them what is appropriate for chewing and what is off-limits. 1. Provide Alternatives Since your rabbit needs to chew, first you need to provide a good variety of alternatives on which your rabbit can safely chew. Branches from apple or willow trees, safe rabbit toys, untreated willow baskets and toys, untreated grass mats, and cardboard all make good alternatives.

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Can a squirrel be a cuddly pet?Read more

Can a squirrel be a cuddly pet?

They're cute and fuzzy. They may even come when you call them or eat out of your hand, but can squirrels really be affectionate pets? The short answer is, "yes." But if you're considering inviting a squirrel into your family, consider the long-term consequences of opening your heart -- and home -- to wildlife.

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High Tech Home for your hamsterRead more

High Tech Home for your hamster

In the "good" old days, hamster and mouse cages were made of metal, and hamster playthings consisted of cardboard tubes from the inside of toilet paper or paper towel rolls. The wheel, being metal, squeaked as it turned. Hamsters, being nocturnal, got into it at night. You, as a result, got very little sleep.

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6 very exotic petsRead more

6 very exotic pets

Almost everybody has a friend who keeps a rat, a guinea pig, a snakes or a spider as a pet. But this is far from top extravagance! Pets mentioned in this article are becoming more and more popular today, but are still relatively rare, for good or bad. So, sit back, relax and enjoy reading this article about some of the strangest pet animals you can own.

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African Pygmy Dormice - perfect petsRead more

African Pygmy Dormice - perfect pets

African Pygmy Dormice, also known as microsquirrels are fascinating and beautiful animals to own. They are best obtained from a private breeder, who should be able to give you advice on care, habitat and backup should you need to rehome your animals in the future. They have long lives for a rodent, at around 4-6 years and take a relatively long time to reach sexual maturity. Unlike normal mice, it takes around 6 months before an African Pygmy Dormice can be reliably sexed and for this reason you'll find breeders selling them as unsexed young.

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Ouch! My pet rat bites!Read more

Ouch! My pet rat bites!

Does your pet rat bite the hand that feeds him? There are several reasons why this sometimes occurs. One reason might be that the little animal is scared. If you've just brought your little critter home and haven't allowed him enough time to adjust to his new surroundings, his first reaction might be to bite – especially when he sees a large hand coming toward him and has no means of escape.

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How to tame your pet chinchillaRead more

How to tame your pet chinchilla

Chinchilla owners have to earn – and keep – their pet's trust. It may take weeks for your chinchilla to know you well enough to let you pick him up. You'll see the best results if you move slowly, have lots of patience and visit with your chinchilla at the same time every day. And like elephants, chinchillas never forget: One frightening capture or grab could ruin your chance to make friends with this high-strung animal.

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Teaching your rat some tricksRead more

Teaching your rat some tricks

Rats can be easily trained to do simple tasks. You may actually be training your rat already.... You just may not know it. Teaching your rat to come when called- When you go to the cage and either say the rat's name or make a clicking noise, you teach the rat to come to the cage door so that you can open it. The rat comes to you when he hears his name or the noise, and you reward that behavior by either giving him a treat or taking him out to play.

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Handling degu in the right wayRead more

Handling degu in the right way

Degus are sturdier rodents than some of the other hand held pet options but that doesn't mean care shouldn't be taken while picking up and holding them. To create a safe and enjoyable experience for both you and your degus some basic handling rules should be followed.

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Rats vs hamstersRead more

Rats vs hamsters

Rats and Hamsters have been popular pets for children for a long time, with many who own Rats swearing that they make better pets for kids. In this article we will look at the pros and the cons for both to help you decide are rats really better for kids than hamsters? And if so, whether your next family pet should be a rat instead of the more widely adopted hamster.

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